Leather Fashion

Leather Fashion

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Today leather fashion however fashionable

Working in the fashion industry for most of my life, I saw that most consumers are interested in natural fabrics such as leather, wool and fur. For some strange reason, people interested in natural products compared to synthetic fabrics such as polyester or PU (polyurethane, also known as “pleather”). And it makes sense that you would prefer to carry on their backs, natural and biodegradable materials such as leather, or petroleum by-products such as PU?

There are people who argue that no more leather after tanning process. His argument is that there are so many chemicals involved in tanning, which is no

Another reason why I think the skin is so popular because it can not be absolutely identical. Each leather skin is unique, as a result, each layer will have a certain uniqueness. Scars or birthmarks, which are located in the skin, making it another coat. Or maybe it’s the real reason why we are so similar to the skin, we wanted something unique for us, so we can be different. During the mentality that continues, I think it’s safe to say that the skin will be as popular in 10 years, as it is today. By Dino Karatzios

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